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Bendigo Cinemas offer our local businesses & organisations the opportunity to purchase bulk tickets at a discounted rate.

Our Bendigo Cinemas Movie $ Books are a fantastic way to save money every time you go to the movies, or everyone loves the movies, so why not give the gift of a great night out!

They can be used as staff incentives, to reward your loyal customers or business partners, as staff bonuses for festive or special events, or offer your staff or social club the chance to buy cheap tickets throughout the year.

If you wish to make a purchase of 100+ vouchers or organise an ongoing agreement to purchase our Bendigo Cinemas Corporate Movie $ Books, please fill out the contact form below and a Bendigo Cinemas representative will be in contact shortly.

If you wish to purchase less than 100 vouchers please visit our online shop to view the options we have available.

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