Advertising at Bendigo Cinemas

Cinema Advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising

The 'Bendigo Cinema Experience' is one that many business owners have benefited from. Your business name on the big screen telling your message to a captive audience.

In today's local, competitive market building your business name and brand awareness is critical. You want your business to be 'Top of Mind' with your target market, and it's about using your advertising dollar effectively without 'Hit & Miss'.

Cinema Advertising at Bendigo Cinemas delivers high impact advertising at a very low cost. Your commercial is screened up to 6 times a day, 7 days a week to a target market specific to your business.

At Bendigo Cinemas we screen 30 second and 15 second commercials and it can be as simple as converting an existing TV commercial or producing a commercial for you.

Bendigo Cinemas Advertising, high impact, cost effective, brand awareness advertising, ensuring your business is 'Top of mind' with your target market.

Your business is seen by almost 370,000 people annually, or 30,000 people per month.

A study conducted by TNS and sponsored by Screenvision found that moviegoers who saw in-theatre ads were 44% more likely to remember them than consumers who saw the same advert on television

For as little as $95* a week your business can be On-Screen at Bendigo Cinemas.

*Rate based on 21 adverts per week in your chosen Genre and all rates include GST.

Call today on 5440 8002 for a tailored package to suit your budget.

Cinema Advertising works for your Local Market

"We have recently re-branded and prior to this advertised for the past 2 years with Cinema Advertising and continue to do so. The quantity of clientele which watch this form of advertising is huge, all various walks of life, as every movie captures a difference audience, which is ideal for our business. If you are after a more specific audience this is also able to be achieved with a tailored package to suit your business. It is also a very cost effective form of advertising, and we will continue to use Cinema Advertising as it has created a strong profile for our business."

-Jacinta McIvor, The Professionals Real Estate

Why is Cinema Advertising so effective?

  • Seven Huge Screens
  • State-of-the Art Surround Sound
  • Darkened Auditorium
  • Distraction Free Environment
  • A Captive Audience
  • Undivided Attention

Cinema Advertising is so effective because it is direct, your target market is local, sitting, with no distractions, waiting to be entertained. This perfect environment guarantees the highest recall compared to all other media, meaning your target market will remember your ad when they see it at Bendigo Cinemas.

When you advertise your business On Screen at Bendigo Cinemas you become a Bendigo Cinemas Screen Partner. This offers your business the opportunity to utilize all areas of the Bendigo Cinemas complex to advertise. What this means for you and your business is FREE TV Advertising throughout our complex as well as free support mechanisms such as foyer display, brochure distributions from our box office plus many other forms of advertising.

It is our promise to our Screen Partners that building strong brand awareness for your business is what we

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