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Bendigo Cinemas Showcasing Movies from around the world

Bendigo Cinemas pride ourselves on presenting a great range of selected Showcase films gathered from all corners of the world. Experience the very best of Australian, Independant and International films that involve strong story lines with quality actors, not just Hollywood special effects.

Bendigo Cinemas screen Showcase movies all year round, with at least one Showcase film in season at most times. Patrons are however encouraged to attend screenings of films without delay, as many of our specialty Showcase movies have limited sessions.


Now Showing!


Rated M (Occasional coarse language), 101 mins

Victoria and Abdul

Rated PG (Mild themes and coarse language), 112 mins


$28 CHICKS 18+ : $28 Chicks 18+   3D : 3D Movie   ADV SCR : Advance Screening   $10 : All tickets $10   $11 : All tickets $11   $12 : All Tickets $12   AD CC : Audio Description & Closed Caption   FFD $12 : Family Fun Day $12   GOLD CLASS : Gold Class   NFT : No Free Tickets   NURSERY : Nursery Time Session   EVENT : Special Event   V-Extra $20 : V-Extra $20  

Coming Soon!


Rated PG, 113 mins Opening 30/11/2017

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour
Opening 11/01/2018