The Heart Of Man

Our brokenness is a bridge, not a barrier. "The Heart of Man" is a cinematic retelling of the parable of the prodigal son, juxtaposed with interviews of real people struggling with distractions from their faith and the shame that follows addiction. Combining a blend of narrative and documentary elements, it features subjects of brokenness, identity and grace. This unique event brings people together to understand they are not alone and can find freedom. Freedom from performance. Freedom from managing our behavior, so we appear acceptable. Freedom from our addictions, compulsive behaviors, secrecy and double lives. Audiences will encounter powerful true stories with author William Paul Young ("The Shack"), author Dr. Dan Allender ("The Wounded Heart") and spoken word artist Jackie Hill Perry, among others. Following the event, see a round table of thought-leaders moderated by Pastor Chad Veach. PREMIERE Screening at Rivoli Cinemas on Friday 22nd June, 7pm. Followed by a live Q&A with special guests William Paul Young (NY Times bestselling author of The Shack), Jason Pamer (Producer / Writer) and Justin Torrence (Lead Actor). All screenings will be followed by a special pre-recorded round table after-show of thought-leaders, including Dr. Dan Allender (The Wounded Heart), spoken word artist Jackie Hill Perry and moderator Pastor Chad Veach (Zoe Church, Los Angeles).


The Heart Of Man
  • Cast
  • Serena Karnagy, Justin Torrence, Robert Fleet
  • Director
  • Eric Esau
  • Genre
  • Documentary
  • Classification
  • 102 mins

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