Madhura Raja

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Raja had gone back to Madurai having accomplished his mission in the blockbuster 'Pokkiri Raja' of 2012. He is recalled by his uncle and father to resolve some 'minor issues' affecting them.He realises that these issues blow up to major issues which he resolves in his own style. Through his super-sensitive nature, daredevil bravery and his hilarious antics he goes on to capture the hearts and minds of an entire land, propelling him to unimaginable glory and responsibilities. It will be worth watching "Raja" in action.


Madhura Raja
  • Cast
  • Sunny Leone, Mammootty ., Jai ., Siddique ., Atul Kulkarni, Aju Varghese, Reshma Rajan, Joy Badlani, Anusree
  • Director
  • Ebbey Abraham
  • Genre
  • Action, Comedy
  • Classification
  • 150 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • India
  • Audio Language
  • Malayalam
  • Special Note
  • This movie is subtitled

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